Undergraduate Tenants

Our approach

We are the only specialist Student letting agents in St Andrews and have built our reputation from scratch over that last 10 years.
Why We Care
We know that over the last 10 years the market in St Andrews has been such that Students have had limited choice and that this has lead in some cases to Undergraduates being treated poorly and feel that this has had an impact on the reputation of Letting Agents in the Town.

Town and Gown try hard to work closely with all our students to try and ensure that wherever possible your time spent outwith Halls of Residence is as trouble free and happy as we can make it. We attempt to ensure that any problem is dealt with as quickly as possible and that we are easy to get hold of . We feel that it is very important that you get to know us and we get to know you and as we can and to this end you are likely to see and speak to use more than most.

This helps us both to develop a relationship which in some cases not only lasts from 2nd year to your matriculation but we also have previous tenants who have become clients! To help you all we have now upgraded our web site and if you go into the tenant section you should be able to download all our leaflets, in notes out notes, frost prevention plus anything else we think may be of use to you.

Maintenance Request
Most importantly we have included a maintenance request form which should be filled in and sent on line this will allow you to log and report any problem, and will allow us to pick it up on our emails whenever we are in so that even if it is an evening email it can be sent on to the contractor to go to the list the next day.
Getting Started
In order to help you get off to a good start we ensure that we meet you at your property on the first day you arrive and will supply you with the keys, inventory and all safety certificates. The property will be clean for you and we will then run through all safety briefings, how to set up utilities and any other items that we need to cover – this will take about an hour after which we will quickly go through the property and ensure you are happy – at which stage we will leave you in peace!
The End of the Tenancy
You are our most important asset in the lettings market as you can influence your friends and fellow students to apply for Town and Gown properties and we are also very keen to ensure that you wish to stay in your current property or if not then at least move to another Town and Gown property for the next year – this way we can retain as many of our tenants in our properties as possible.

To this end we try very hard to work with you especially towards the end of the tenancy. We have found that the very best of tenancies can all go wrong after many months just at the end. The reasons for this are often simply that after the pressure of exams and the relief of the holidays things get missed. To try and alleviate this we have set up our last monthly inspection to specifically look at items that may affect your deposit, and at that time we will also give you as much detail as we can on how to leave the property.

In addition to this we now fit in a special 15 min inspection the day before your final inspection as we find that this is the day you are busy cleaning. We just pop in and tell you what you have missed (and also what you can stop cleaning). This then gives you a full 24 hours to allow you to sort out any problems. We have found that this is a very effective way of helping you all to give the property back to our standards and also ensure your deposit is protected.

If you are currently a tenant we hope that you are having a good stay in your Town and Gown property. If you are thinking of joining us next year we look forward to hearing from you.

How to apply for a Town and Gown property?

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Office hours are:
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
  • townandgown@rollos.co.uk
  • 01334 880787
  • 114 South Street, St Andrews, Fife, KY169QD.


I have known Mike Foote for 10 years during which time he has done sterling service as Letting Agent for over half a dozen Properties in the St Andrews area, on my behalf.
It is no surprise to me that Town and Gown consistently comes out as the most popular Letting Agent in the Town and 'Twal mile roon'.